FIS CodeConnect


How do I get an account?

Click on the login menu, select register here and fill out the required information

Who can give me access to the APIs?

You may contact your organization's administrator to be granted access to specific APIs.

Where do I go to call an API?

Please refer to the Getting Started guide to know how to use our APIs.

What is REST?

REST (representational state transfer) API design is created with developers in mind and is the most widely used standard for communicating with APIs. Using the REST API design pattern, your API team is able to easily adapt to different use cases. We deliver an intelligent and intuitive REST API platform to meet the demands of:

  • Internal developers
  • Partners
  • Open scenarios
  • Changes - including protocols and languages
  • Extending an API - build more capability or plugin additional existing systems

The REST API platform accelerates the pace of digital business to create connected digital experiences

What is SOAP?

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web services. It utilizes application layer protocols (most often HTTP or SMTP) for message negotiation and transmission, while using the XML Information Set for its message format.

What APIs are offered?

To view the APIs that we offer, select the APIs menu item. This will navigate to a list of all available APIs, sorted by the appropriate business unit or subject matter to which they most closely relate.

How can I see the most popular APIs?

To see the most popular APIs, access the Top Apps Report under the Analytics menu item.

What analytics are available?

To access the various analytics offered to research the API, select the Analytics menu item. There, you can view reports such as: API USAGE, TOP USERS, RESOURCE USAGE and FAULTY INVOCATIONS.